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The Penumbra Interview

For this month’s Project of the Month, we will take a look at the award-winning Penumbra Podcast.

From the minds of Sophia Kaner and Kevin Vibert comes a groundbreaking podcast. The Penumbra Podcast tells stories you’re familiar with in ways you aren’t. Told in a style reminiscent of old school radio shows, one off stories are inner mixed with the story of Juno Steel, a private eye living on Mars. In addition to the fantastic storytelling, the Penumbra Podcast offers queer rep in stories where we rarely see it. It’s so rare to find positive queer representation. Most of the time, queer characters live tragic lives only to die tragic deaths. This is especially true for queer relationships, so it’s exciting to see these tropes subverted. It’s quite a feeling to see yourself in the story.

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