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This is it! We have officially finished our first episode of the new rebooted podcast. 

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Notes for the podcast:

We discuss our series on the history of queerness in media looking at,  Different from the Others, the Beginning,  Queen Christina, Queer Codes and Queer Coding, and The Future of Queer Media.

The Hitchcock film I vaguely reference is Rope(1948)

We discuss the Hexer Project which you can support here.



[Disclaimer: some of the sources may contain triggering material]

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Hello, folks! Welcome to the last of the Queer History Podcasts as run by Grace Wordsworth. Sometimes time requires a person to move on, and so it is here. However, I cannot think of a better send off than the conversation I got to have with 365 Days representative, A.K. Afferez.

365 Days of Lesbians is a Tumblr blog dedicated to the discussion of women-loving women every day of the year. Feel free to check out their blog here in order to show them some support!

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Bayard Rustin was a man who lived his life behind the scenes of the Civil Rights Movement in American history. The question is, though: was this anonymity totally voluntary?

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This month, if you’ve been paying attention to our website, you’ll have noticed that we partnered with Queer Portraits in History as run by Michele Rosenthal. This partnership, and future partnerships, are an effort by Queer History to build up the queer community and to support its creators.

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Who Was Oscar Wilde?


Oscar Wilde was a man defined by many. His reputation and work have lasted the past century or so, but what do they say about the heart of the man, himself?

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ACT UP and TAG faced down unresponsive governments during what the United Nations reported as “the worst epidemic in history” - the AIDS crisis. “How to Survive a Plague” recounts the efforts of these activists and lays a foundation for the activism of today.

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David Kato faced down extreme prejudice in order to establish the foundation of Uganda's queer rights movements. Be mindful: this episode discusses homophobic language, brutality, and murder throughout. To avoid specific discussion of David Kato's death, skip from 13:35 to 14:00.

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Media Review: Carol (2015)


To celebrate a fair amount of work and the ending of the year, we take a look at the movie Carol and determine whether or not all the critic hype was legit.

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Carol. Dir. Tod Haynes. Perf. Cate Blanchett, Rooney Mara. Studio Canal, The Weinstein Company, 2015. DVD.